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G109 Rudder

G109 Rudder Removal

Grob G109 Motor Glider
Removal of the G109 rudder can tricky. 
Here’s how to make it easier.
Remove the lower rudder hinge bolt (6mm x @100mm Allen) using a 10mm open-end spanner and a 1/4in drive tool fitted with a 5mm hexbit similar to the one shown in the left image, below. A ball-end type Allen key can also be used.

Lift the rudder off the top hinge, and secure with an elastic strap as shown in the right image. You now have clear access to the remaining 6mm Allen bolt and nut. Note the washer locations on removal. The 10mm open-ender has been ground down for improved clearance.

G109 Rudder


G109 Trim Tab
The mass for the Trim Tab is .55Kgs + or – 12%
The Moment is 3KG-CM + or – 12%

The mass for the Elevator and Trim Tab combined is 4.82Kgs +8% – 10%.
The moment for the Elevator with Trim Tab fitted is 39.8KG-CM +8% -10%

Trim Tab deflections
Elevator up 108mm + or – 12mm. Down 97mm + or – 10mm taken at a point 282mm from the hinge.
Trim up 40mm + or – 5mm. Down 31mm + or – 5mm taken at a point 100mm from the hinge. 

G109 General Information

G109 100 Hour Inspection

G109 Rudder Removal

G109 Tailwheel

G109 Handling Notes

Hoffman Propellors

G109 Marelli/Fiat Starter Motor

G109 Cooling modifications

G109 Toolkit

Slick 4230 Magneto

Limbach External Oil Filter

Fuel Topics

Grob 109 Scale Model

G109A with Rotax 912

G109A with Rotax 912 conversion, Germany

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