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Grob G109

Technical information on G109 airframe, propellor
and engine components.

G109 undercarriage
Documents listed below are available from the downloads page.

817-39 04.01.94 94-004/2 Überprüfung der Hauptfahrwerksfederbeine
Inspection of the main undercarriage legs 19.01.94 X X Alle Werk-
(however, there does not seem to be a link to the documents on the site)

The following were supplied by Kevin Rodda:
Grob TM817-19 Jun’85 related to G109 s/n 6001 to 6159 and G109B 6200-6317.
Grob TM817-19
Grob TM817-39

Grob TM817-39 Jan’94 related to G109 all s/n and G109B all s/n

The image below shows a B model leg from his aircraft. The other leg broke in half at the end of the landing roll, at the point marked with the red arrow. TM817-39 makes plain what needs to be inspected and what needs to be done.

These documents are available from the downloads page

G109B undercarriage leg


As a stopgap measure before the OEM parts arrived from Germany I used a piece cut from an Ikea flexible cutting board @ 1mm thickness. We made it longer than specs and drilled two holes so that it’s retained by the mounting bolts, as well as glued.

G109A divebrake caps
Fixing G109A divebrake caps after corrosion lifts gelcoat from alloy.
Remove caps from alloy.
Beadblast with Indu (sp?) bead, an epoxy bead. (Macca wrote “3ddflux”)
Avail from Burwool or Abrasive Blasting
When beadblasting is almost completed use a lupe (a 10x magnifier) to check that there are no black bits left.
Then paint with Allodyne (sp), a compound designed to seal aluminium alloy. Then paint with 2pack and then gelcoat over the top.

All the above needs checking and editing.

G109A Canopy Hinges
Nigel Baker reports that a canopy went solo in Sept 2011. They landed safely sans maps, headsets and of course canopy which is still AWOL.

G109A Tyres

380×150 / 15×600-5

Try Desser Tires page 13 or 14

3 comments to Grob G109



    I am looking to a note to dispose before expédiate my canopy GROb 109 S/N 6042 D-KECO located at LFBX.
    Do you have this papers,i copy the others papers for manetos, carburators, check 50 and 100 hours…
    Thank you for answer.
    Jacques ROGER

  • I don’t quite understand your question, Jacques. Is it some factory documentation you’re looking for, or perhaps technical information about the canopy?

  • Sean Brown

    Hellow everyone!

    After literally dozens of hours searching the web, making phone calls and sending emails I finally found a reliable source for master cylinders and and rebuild kits for the Grob G-109A.

    Gentleman’s name is Jorg Bohnenstiel

    His email address is bomoto at

    He is excellent to deal with.

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