Radios, Batteries, Wiring…

We have fitted the Grob 109, at least one of the Falkes and the H36 Dimona with Odyssey batteries and the results have been absolutely outstanding. Simply no comparison to a conventional wetcell. Odyssey Battery sizes  (these fit Grob 109A and Dimona H36, probably MotorFalke also) PC650 is 75x180x165 This is superceded by PC680 PC680 is 184.7 x 79.0 x 169.4mm Full specs The identical battery is used in many BMW motorcycles. Batteries Direct advertise them, but at a price! http://www.batteriesdirect.com.au/shop/store.php?crn=309 SBSJ16. Same Battery as a PC680 only certified and tested for use in small aircraft. Same orange case, Odyssey name removed, and Power Safe sticker on top.
Testing Ducelier Regulator The Ducelier is fitted to the G109 and some MotorFalkes Turn master on and use a multi meter to make sure ther is power going to the alternator to excite the fields. There is a relay that comes in when the master is switched on. It my be unservicable. Put the multi meter on the power out line (Heavy Cable) and to ground with the master off to check the diodes aren’t blown. Hook up some cable to the alternator running into the cocpit and check with the meter if there is juice coming out out of the charge line whith the engine running. It may be the regulator.  Is there an “F” terminal on the back of the alternator or is it a permanent magnet type. If it has a F terminal then just  run power to it and with the motor running and it should put out maximum amps and volts.  Alternatively you can bridge out the 2 teminals on the regulator and have the same effect. Diodes from a Lada Niva will fit. We found one of these at Bunnings Burketown in 2010. Thanks to Nigel Baker of Limbach Australia for much of the above. Related Topics Marelli/Fiat Starter Motor Automotive Sparkplug Conversion Slick Magneto

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